What is EMS Training and How Does It Work?

EMS stands for Electro Muscular Stimulation. This means the skeletal muscles are contracting through the effect of low-frequency impulses.
(They do not affect smooth muscles, such as major organs or the heart). 

It is no different to conventional training or daily activities, where the muscles are contracted and controlled by your brain, but EMS training does it more efficiently by working alongside your brain to contract your muscles.
The individual is fitted with a vest and some straps that deliver a signal to all the major muscle groups. During a 20-minute workout, you do slow movements and hold poses while a low electronic tingly impulse is applied to the skeletal muscles. This makes them work harder and more efficiently. This training is up to 18 times more effective than a regular strength workout! There are no side effects and it has been proven to be safe to use.
EMS is used to strengthen the deeper layers of muscle, which also helps to improve posture and treat and prevent back pain, whilst being gentle on the joints. This makes EMS training an effective fitness tool for anybody aged from 15 to 100+years.
This workout is suitable for beginners, experienced and professional athletes.


EMS has been around since the 1960’s and was first used in the field of training top athletes. In the next 40 years, EMS traveled the world and gained popularity in the medical and general workout field.
The past two decades have seen an increasing amount of research showing the benefits of the technology beyond medical usage, and this has contributed to its popularity.
When used properly and responsibly, EMS truly is an amazing and safe method to help people achieve their goals in sport, body confidence and to live a healthy pain-free life.


• Up to 90% of the muscles are stimulated during a Personal Trainer Guided workout
• It stimulates 40 percent (totaling 98 percent) of the muscle fibers that you can’t reach with a normal workout (total 58 percent)
• 20 mins per week is sufficient to improve your health, shape and strength
• 90 percent of EMS trainees reported a reduction in their back pain and, in 40 percent of those, the chronic back pain completely disappeared
• EMS training showed great results for post-pregnancy for abdominal separation and pelvic floor strengthening in women. Extremely effective in treating light bladder leakage.
• It’s ideal for people with recurring pain and injuries, as EMS is gentle on the joints and strengthens muscles that will support those joints
• EMS is more effective and time efficient than conventional strength training
• A 20-minute session equals up to six hours of normal strength training

Matters Magazine, issue 87