EMS training is often called the future of fitness. Some people think it is just another new thing on the market, a FAD if you will. But let’s find out together how long Electro Muscular Stimulation Training and Treatment has been around for?

We can trace back electricity being used for therapeutic reasons as far as 500 BC, when the Egyptians used the Electric Ray fish to treat gout and injuries.
Fast forwarding to 1745, dr. Kratzstein from Germany wrote the first book about using electric therapy for muscles. Author Marry Shelly used the text of this book, and was inspired to write Frankenstein!

In the 1800’s Luigi Galvani of Italy, a scientist, experimented with current stimulating muscles in frog legs. In response, physicist Michael Faraday developed the Faradization technique and starts treating motor paralysis in humans. In 1860, a hospital in London started using electrical therapy to strengthen muscles of the core with the ab belt. They even advertised it in newspapers: ‘’Health and integral strength imparted, and impaired vitality restored’’. We feel our slogan ‘’fast, effective and efficient’’ is a little bit more to the point.

Moving into the 19th century, in the 1970’s EMS salons become very popular. However, with the technique still in baby shoes and unregulated, they were shut down.
In 1976 dr. Kots of Russia revealed after the Olympics, that they used EMS training on their athletes, reporting a muscle gain of up to 40%!

1990’s until current time: with the technology developed to perfection, and millions of users worldwide getting great results, EMS is established. In Europe alone, at time of writing, there are over 6000 successful studios.

In 2017 Thor and Ruby open the first EMS studio in Queensland: Fitin20 in Caloundra.
We are so passionate about helping our clients achieve their fitness and health goals fast, and are still blown away by how powerful of a tool EMS is to improve their lives.
Coming from a long way back, EMS is here to stay!