Set yourself up for success to reach your fitness goals and food prep some quick and easy snacks to take with you to work, or stick in the fridge for easy access when a snack attack hits.

Just remember: don’t get disappointed if this doesn’t work out every day. Cheat days are ok! It is all about balance.

Egg wrapped in ham
Quarter a boiled egg, wrap in a slice of smoked ham and/or a slice of cheese for a protein rich express snack.

Rock melon with ham
A classic combination for a reason: rich in vitamins, important carbs and protein.

Dark chocolate with nuts
An extremely healthy choice to soothe a sugar craving. Did you know chocolate with 70% cacao is filled with antioxidants? Combine in a zip lock bag to take it with you on the go.

Yoghurt with fruit
Fruit is a natural sweetener which makes this a tasty snack. Why not add some frozen fruit to your yoghurt in a Tupperware. By the time morning tea arrives it is the perfect temperature to eat.

Goats cheese and walnuts
A very tasty combination. If you want to sweeten up this deal: add some drops of honey and make you own little mini salad. Add lettuce and you can upgrade to a salad for lunch!

The varieties are endless. Pick 2 wholemeal wraps and add some cheese in between. Add pesto, pepper, mushroom or whatever you find in your fridge. Put in the microwave or the grill for a minute.

Salmon wraps
Wholemeal wraps combined with smoked salmon will settle a hungry stomach for hours on end. Full with healthy carbs and fats. Add herbs and cream cheese to turn the snack into a lunch.

Rice cracker with peanut butter
A rice cracker will not provide many nutrients, but it is the perfect vehicle to deliver a healthy snack. Peanut butter is an easy way to take in some healthy fats. Add some slices of banana to sweeten it up.

Warm apple with cinnamon
Especially in winter this will warm your heart. Cut up an apple and place in microwave for 90 seconds. Sprinkle cinnamon and enjoy this sweet snack!

Oatmeal-banana cookies
Can you still wait 20 minutes to ease your craving? Mash 2 ripe bananas and combine with 100 gram oatmeal, add honey and cinnamon. Make 5 cookies and bake 20 minutes on 200 degrees. Done!

Avocado with cottage cheese
Filled with healthy fats and protein. Combine with black pepper for added flavour.

Carrot/cucumber/celery sticks with humus
Did you know it is not difficult to make your own humus at home if you have a blender?

Caprese salad
Throw some cherry tomatoes and soft mozzarella balls into a bowl or Tupperware to go. Add some olive oil and basil and your restaurant worthy starter is ready for consumption! Did you know basil comes cut up in handy tube at the supermarket?

Cucumber with cottage cheese
We know cottage cheese is rich in protein, but cucumber is less known for being rich in vitamins and minerals. A super quick healthy snack. You can swap the cottage cheese for cubes of low salt cheese.


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