How long have you been doing EMS for?

I started 15 weeks ago. I had a stomach band placed 2 months before that, and the doctors advised exercise  to shape my body properly and for my digestion.
I found FITIN20 on Facebook and loved what it had done for other people, I figured I really needed something extra to help me shape my body after all that weight loss.

Have your results been as expected?

They have been fantastic! After my gastric bypass I was really concerned about excess skin, and have seen in friends that have had the same procedure done that they struggled to tone their body afterwards. I am so pleased with my results, I hardly struggle with loose skin. I feel strong and healthy and love the tone of my muscles and skin.

Sharnie joined FITIN20 almost 4 months ago after having a stomach band placed - her story and results 1

What kind of advice would you give to anyone considering EMS training?

Don’t be scared, just do it! You will love your results!