Hi Sarah, you started your EMS journey 12 weeks ago, how have you experienced your FITIN20 journey?
Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis has been rife in my family and last year I was told by my specialist at the age of 32 that HITT or crossfit was not the way for my body anymore. I was left the option to go swimming on a daily basis. I was really disheartened, because exercise is so important to me mentally and physically.
I really enjoy my weekly workout, I love the feeling of my muscles working hard and how energised I feel for days after. My results have been amazing. I still enjoy my Tim Tam treats in moderation, snack on healthy foods, ensure I have protein for every meal, but I do not diet or calorie count at all. This makes life so much easier.
The Fitin20 team is awesome and they make each session different , challenging and enjoyable. I look forward to it every week!

Would you like to share your results with others?
This is ofcourse a very personal sharing experience, and i still have a way to go for my personal goals, but I felt it had to be done because the results speak for themselves, and I would love for other people out there to know that EMS is a fitness option that will work for you. The improvement in posture and not to mention body fat percentage loss has been remarkable since introducing fitin20 into my life. I started in April, fast forward to July and I am 12 cm down in waist measurement alone. I feel stronger with each session, and I am starting to feel and see an increase of muscle tone.

I can also without a doubt say since doing EMS my cardio training has improved out of sight.

Sarah from Currimundi sharing her 10 week fitness experience at Fitin20 Caloundra 1

Why do you think EMS training works for you?
Having sick knees, a busy job and a young family, prevented me from going to the gym 5x a week to achieve my health and fitness goals.
Being able to come in on a weekly basis without injuring myself and be in pain has been a game changer that I am very grateful for.

Finally, is there any advice you have for people considering EMS training as a fitness option?
Between full time work, a household and a busy toddler, Fitin20 has been the best thing since low carb sliced bread!
If you are thinking about it, stop right now and just do it. Thinking gets you nowhere! Take it from me! And I promise the next lot of results will be amazing, just like the fitin20 trainers.