Confused about protein intake?

We completely understand! It is a jungle of information out there, and sadly a lot that is written on the internet has been scientifically proven to be untrue or ineffective.

Did you know a low protein intake can delay your results with any kind of exercise, including EMS training?
After exercise your body requires  the building blocks to be able to build lean muscle. And this muscle can burn fat for you and shape your body.

We have researched the science and asked our experts for you so you know everything you need to know in short keypoints.

We will always recommend to see a dietitian if you feel you need more thorough support with your diet, and the following information should be used as a guideline only.

Let’s have a look at the 8 key points, or click below to learn by video.

All you need to know about EMS fitness & protein intake

* Muscle gain can only be achieved by a combination of resistance training (weekly EMS training or multiple conventional weight trainings per week) and adequate protein intake

* Leucine is a key amino acid (building block of protein) for building muscle. You can find this in Whey protein, it is extremely effective in building muscle.
There are only a few protein powders on the market that have the right ratio of amino acids to kick in lean muscle growth.

* You can also find whey protein in the following products: ricotta cheese, supplement powders (shakes), milk, yoghurt and cheese.

* Your body can only absorb a certain amount of protein per day, if you take in more your body will just get rid of it through your kidneys.
The amount of protein you can absorb per day is 25 grams.
EMS training will build muscle for 4 days after you finish your workout. Try to incorporate protein in all your meals and snacks, to keep supplying your body with those building blocks.

* We recommend to only use supplements with protein without any (natural) additives or stimulating/fat burning agents.
Most of them have been proven to put negative stress on the heart or poor quality. If you need any support, there are a couple of brands we trust and have been advised to      us by nutritional experts.

* It has been scientifically proven that taking a protein supplement (or fast digesting dietary protein like milk) immediately after your workout is the most effective and fast way to build muscle.
Try to get 15-20 gram of protein on board while still sweating (within 20 minutes of finishing your workout), and the remainder in  long acting protein (meats, nuts, eggs) during the rest of the days of the week.

* Many labels offer protein with added fancy names like arginine and glutamine. Neither have been proven to help in muscle gain and are unfortunately considered a marketing trick by dietitians.

* Taking a good quality whey protein supplement can increase the effect of your EMS workout by 20%. It will also help speed up the recovery from your workout.

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