To book with Fit In 20 for an EMS training session, please call to schedule your time with us at Fit In 20 Caloundra, Sunshine Coast.
Get 33% discount for a 3 trial pack: 3 sessions for $120,-.


If you have a health or weight loss goal, we advise selecting a membership.
A continued weekly EMS session will not only get you your results faster, but also maintain them. 

Included: ongoing support sessions, measurements, strength testing and goal setting. Workout always different, never boring!

T&Cs Apply – See Below For Details

How Expensive Is EMS Training Compared To A Gym MemberShip?

Did you know 20mins of EMS = 3+ hrs at the gym? We can give 2.5+ hrs back to you

If you value your time @ $60/hr

You save $111 / Week!

EMS Training is about 60% cheaper than a gym membership!



We want you to experience EMS and understand what it can do for you!

Your session will be guided by a motivational and experienced EMS Personal Trainer.

In 2 sessions you will feel (and can measure) the difference, but please remember you will start seeing and feeling the bigger results after 4-8 sessions.

Casual ANd Starter Sessions 

Do you want to experience the fastest and easiest way to become fit and healthy? 

Around for decades and over 6000 studio’s in Germany alone with plenty of science to back the results.

We recommend to trial EMS 3 weeks in a row to understand why it is loved by so many,
and grasp how effective and fast it can be for your body shaping, health and fitness goals.


Membership Plans

Buy A Suit

$70 Per SUIT

Once you start your EMS journey you will find out that you wear a microfiber undergarment under your straps and vest.

For plans you are required to purchase your own suit, for a membership we will gift you your suit.

This German designed kind of microfiber allows for perfect conduction so you can get the most out of your workout,
plus it adds the added comfort of hygiene.
You can simply machine wash your suit at home with normal detergent and tumble dry it.

Reboot challenge

Signed up for a plan but want to speed up your results, start fresh or break through a training plateau? Our reboot challenge is just for you! Beside the results you get with EMS training, our individual and personally designed 6 week challenge will refocus your fitness efforts and educate you to set you up for long term fitness success. Included in the challenge are: meal plans, recipe book, a second EMS session in the week, nutritional consult with your PT, goal setter, result tracker, mini challenges and more! Scroll down to find out.
Costs for the 6 week challenge is $299,-. (note: can only be purchased in conjunction with any other plan or membership every 6 months)


Please call to book, and tell us which option best applies to you!
We don’t offer online booking as we take pride in matching you with a suitable work out partner.

We offer a 10% discount for the second trainee for couples/friends that workout at the same time.
Not applicable for the discounted trail pack.
(T&C’s apply)

What’s included in your weekly session

  • A 20 minute EMS training session:
    Personal Trainer (EMS educated, experienced and motivating) guided
  • Initial Health, Nutrition and Fitness consultation, and 8-12 weekly micro goal setting sessions.
  • Support: nutritional, motivational, protein intake, cardio/hiking guides,
    back pain relief stretching guides, problem area attack plans and much more!
  • Individual designed custom training plan.
    (zero joint impact if requested, avoid and/or treat your injuries)
  • Never repeat the same workout! Different session each week.
  • Free pre-workout coffee, filtered water and free protein shake after first trial.
  • Posture and remedial back pain relief advise.
  • Clean, private, supportive and exclusive training environment:
    work out with 1 partner max at the same time.
  • Come as you are: express workout, all amenities in the studio.
    Equipment, shower, towels, toiletries and more.
  • Measurements, strength testing, progression testing.
  • Enjoy all our extras for your comfort: massage chair, trigger balls, foam rollers.
  • Education: Monthly newsletter, blogs, many handouts and studio magazine.
  • Stay up to date about the latest science in EMS training, nutrition and fitness.

Terms & Conditions

24 Hour Cancellation Policy.
Payment In Full or Fortnightly Direct Debit.
1 Session Deposit Required To Start.
No Refund After Sessions Expire.
All Sessions are Non Transferable.

More Terms and Conditions