At time of writing in 2019, the team exists of husband and wife: Ruby and Thor. We live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Caloundra since 2014.person

Thor is from Germany and has a history in hotel management. His passion for sports drove him to study for a license in Personal Training and Kitesurfing instructor. Arriving in Australia in 2011 to instruct kitesurfing he got his pilot license and started one of the first Drone operated Aerial Photography companies, still going strong as Thor Aerial Photography.

Ruby is from Holland, and spend her early adult years as an elite gymnastics trainer, specialised in strength and choreography. Also trained as a vet, she still does some part time work in this field.
Since 2018 specialised as EMS Personal Trainer, she build and branded Fitin20 together with Thor.

We are often asked how we came up with the idea to open an EMS studio. Thor his parents both have done EMS training for the last decade in Germany after both recovering from cancer treatments that left them weak and with poor muscle definition. Both loving and benefiting from it, they invited Thor over for a session when he was in Germany for a family visit.
Thor immediately loved the power, functionality and efficiency of it and was determined to bring it to Australia to help people with their fitness and health.

In 2017 we opened Fitin20 and continue to be impressed how efficient EMS training is in treating so many problems in different people. We train a variety of trainees: from 15 to 85+ years old, elite athletes, new moms, people that want to stay fit but just don’t have the time, injuries, back pain, people training for mental health and so much more. This variety and the positive results makes us very passionate about what we do and are so grateful for our amazing clients to be part of the family! We love seeing lives change for the positive. Including our own lives, Ruby being a back pain patient, she was back pain free within 3 sessions after opening the studio. A personal testament from the owner!