You might have heard that a big portion of the population (at least 50%) is deficient in magnesium. But what is magnesium actually?
It is a nutrient that can be found in every cell of the body. It is important for many body function such as: muscle and nerve function, maintaining blood pressure, stabilizing blood sugar levels and helping in the production of bone and DNA.

A well-balanced amount of magnesium in your body can benefit you in many ways. A lot of people report a huge improvement in the quality of their sleep. It improved hormone balance, increases your good moods and energy. It is effective in reducing pain, and it even helps reduce the change of heart disease.

Magnesium for fitness results

When you change your exercise regime or in case of sickness or injuries, your body craves more magnesium than normal, at least 20% more. Studies around the use of magnesium supplements by skin and exercise show a remarkably increased recovery time, prevention from muscle fatigue and cramping and improvement of exercise performance.

While magnesium doesn’t solve the cause of the pain (unless it is purely cramping muscles due to a deficiency), it helps with minimizing the pain response. It also has been shown that being deficient in magnesium can amplify the sensation of pain.
Unfortunately a normal blood test is not reliable to assess if you are deficient. A special mouth swab test is more reliable, however people that showed up normal still showed marked improvement when being supplemented.

Dietitians and other experts recommend to supplement magnesium by skin. While gurgling with powder is slightly more efficient, 95% of the magnesium in pills gets absorbed in stomach acid, making the final resorption amount extremely low. The use of magnesium oil proved to have a 98% absorption rate. Plus sprayed on a painful injury, the pain relieving effect is applied straight where it is needed!

EMS training is exerting for the muscles as we fit 5 hours of workout in just 20 minutes with special and safe technology. We highly recommend, from personal experience and feedback from our trainees, to supplement with magnesium oil or magnesium flake soaks to improve your results and recovery.

At Fitin20 we have done the hard research work for you, and stock an excellent brand that is local, affordable and pure (meaning no nasties or kitchen salt mixed in). Moreover it feels very pleasant on the skin, and has wintergreen in it. Wintergreen improves blood flow and gets metabolized to a natural form of ibuprofen, giving extra local pain relief.