Hi Kathryn,
You started training with us about 5 months ago and we have seen you on a near weekly basis. To start of with the million dollar question: ”are you happy with your results?”
Oh my gosh, I have actually shocked myself! 22 weeks of EMS and I lost 24 kgs. I was a bit apprehensive about EMS training, as it almost sounded too good to be true, but this training at FITIN20 has been life changing for me. I really want to thank the team at Fitin20 for their help and introducing me to this training. It is amazing what you guys can do with a once weekly training.
Why did you start EMS training as opposed to other Personal Training or going to the gym yourself?
I heard about Fitin20 from a friend and she recommended it. I run two businesses and have a young family, and simply just couldn’t find the time to go to the gym 5x a week to get the results I needed. Besides, I have never really been that interested in the gym, and lose interest in going after a couple of weeks. So this sounded like something that I can actually achieve with my lifestyle. The once a week appointment and results keep me motivated!
Would you like to share your results?
When I look back at my before picture I can’t believe that that was me. I am so happy I started this journey, and happy to share my results to hopefully motivate others.
The first picture was after 8 weeks of training and the second two after my 5 months of training at FITIN20.
Kathryn joined FITIN20 5 months ago - this is her EMS weight loss journey 1 Kathryn joined FITIN20 5 months ago - this is her EMS weight loss journey 2 Kathryn joined FITIN20 5 months ago - this is her EMS weight loss journey 3
Have you done anything other than EMS training to get those results?
I definitely watched my diet. I changed it to a balanced and healthy diet, but I still had some treats here and there every week and could still celebrate birthdays with cake. The team at Fitin20 are awesome with scientific easy to follow nutritional advise as well. They actually advise to not diet as it won’t help your results. Seeing such dramatic results, while still be able to enjoy life and not go hungry every day, made it possible to very easily keep going.
Last question: What can you advise people curious about EMS training or just starting their EMS journey at Fitin20?
It took me 6 sessions before I was completely hooked, but I needed those 6 sessions to build up my confidence. As I started feeling stronger and see the results, I craved my nest session. The session is hard work, but extremely enjoyable. Like I said, for my circumstances it was perfect and it has been life changing.  I now can’t wait for my weekly session and enjoy the me time without the guilt of being away from my kids for hours as well as the feeling once my workout is completed.  I feel so much more confident, stronger and healthy. Wishing everyone starting EMS the same amazing experience.