Jade started training with FITIN20 Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast 8 weeks ago.

She was born with a high grade of scoliosis causing pins and needles in her legs and very regular lower back pain.
Over the years she tried everything, from physiotherapy to chiropractors with not many results.

With a weekly session at Fitin20 she started to feel more and more comfortable in her lower back and the before and after picture measured a correction of the curvature of her spine.
As an added bonus she also managed to drop some weight and tone up.

EMS training works as a method of ongoing pain relief for many people with back issues: if you are working a desk job or suffer from a more chronic condition like sciatica or slipped disc.

The training at FITIN20 is designed with your injuries in mind. Meaning we not only take your limitations and aches into account, we also try to correct your injury and relief you of pain. The best way to describe it’s positive effects is that we train your back and core muscles in such an effective way that it creates a sling to support your injury and makes your back symmetric.

Do you think we can help you and your back issue? A weekly 30 minutes of high intensity, but low impact, training can be your solution. Feel free to call us or drop by to discuss your options!

Jade, a Caloundra local, noticed a massive improvement in her scoliosis and back pain in 8 weekly sessions 1