BOECKH-BEHRENS W.-U./SCHÄFFER, G., unpublished thesis, University of Bayreuth, 2002

Description of study
In this study 17 people (15 female, 2 male) were tested on the improvement on EMS training on their medium level of urinary incontinence. Trainees trained twice per week for a total of 10 consecutive sessions. Isometric EMS exercises were performed during a 25 minute long training session each time.

Result highlights
– 23% of participants were free of symptoms after the training period and
– a further 24% noticed a marked lessening of their discomfort
– 36% felt no change in their condition.

Besides being a full body workout, EMS training can also offer effective relief for a group of people suffering from discomforts caused by incontinence. It helps build pelvic floor muscles, core muscles and body stability, which helps to treat and prevent this condition. It will improve body condition, overall mood, daily comfort and an increased quality of life.