I think we all know someone who feels like they have tried everything that is out there to try make fitness a habit instead of a temporary spirited resolution. You might not be a stranger to this feeling either.
With so many diets, opinions, gadgets and FAD’s out there (most aimed to take your money with clever marketing), it is easy to get overwhelmed with choices, fitness trends and/or get discouraged with finding the right program for you.

If you take all the noise out of your search it gets less overwhelming; getting and staying fit works by 2 simple rules.
1. Make the body work harder than it is used to (especially if you have an office job)
2. Eat slightly less calories than needed on a daily basis for weight loss, or don’t eat an excess amount of calories to prevent gaining weight.

At Fitin20 our goal for you is to make fitness and a pain free life not only feasible, but also easy and enjoyable. It is our belief that looking forward to a workout that will give you results, will keep you motivated for life. Making it fit in easily with your lifestyle so it can be done guilt free and not affecting other important factors for happiness (i.e. work, time with the family). Science supports our opinion that hard-core dieting is not only bad for health and metabolism, but that it is almost a guarantee to fail in the long term. We realize that getting the results you are after is the easy step, but maintaining them can be so much harder. Despite the fact we all know that being fit helps not your body shape alone, but also our health and mind.

In our studio, we have studied what keeps our members motivated to have fitness as a lifestyle. While enjoying it! We also cross checked this with some studies in fitness psychology. And we ended up with 6 factors that if combined and cared for, results in long term success with a smile.

1. EMS training
The current guidelines for exercise are 2 ½ hours of moderate cardio, and 1 ½ hours of vigorous cardio spread over the week. For strength training (to maintain results, so not for weight loss), it is advised to have at least 2 sessions every week that trains all the major muscle groups to exertion, equaling 3+ hours of work out. It is excellent if you can fit this within your current work schedule and level of motivation, but we find a lot of people just have other responsibilities within their personal and professional life preventing them from meeting these guidelines.
This is where Fitin20 can help! A single work out is the equivalent of up to 5 hours of workout. Besides being time efficient, it is extremely low impact on the joints, making it easy to work out while nursing (or treating!) an injury. Providing some guilt-free me-time in a fun, comfortable studio with a motivating trainer, and being able to do it pain free, can make a huge difference in starting to build fitness (and a 6-pack) as a permanent feature in your life.

2. Results

The best motivator is of course reaching your goal! The most common requests at Fitin20 for results are for body shape and weight loss. But there are many other results you can chase: living pain free, improving mental health, not gaining any weight, learning how to hold a proper posture, cardio and endurance, improve sleep, making balanced diet a habit instead of a chore, etc. We advise to set micro goals as studies show that this is the single best way to keep motivated, and build fitness as a lifestyle. We have also observed that goals shift constantly. It could be that your personal circumstances change, or that you care about focusing more on cardio instead of shaping a particular part of your body. Whatever it is, we are here to listen to your needs, and support you in your journey towards your goals. We love to sit down with you in our goals setting sessions every 8 to 12 weeks to hear how you are doing and if your goals might have changed!

3. Pain free

Pain is a huge factor for many people to stop an exercise program. And understandably so! Pain does not only have an effect on your body in the part where it is hurting. It also affects your heart rate, endurance and performance. Studies show that the anticipation of pain during working out can create high feeling of anxiety, resulting in avoidance. It is only natural to avoid an activity that will create pain! While muscle soreness is something that is easily treated and only temporary (plus a promise for results), chronic joint or back pain can be a real mental and physical bump in the road towards your goals. EMS training can definitely help you to train pain free, treat bursitis and/or treat back pain. But we have also gathered a team of professionals around us of physios, dietitians and pain clinics that we can refer you to if you need extra help. In the studio we have handouts with science based info for many common pain problems, including tips, at home treatment suggestions and stretches. Please let us know what is bothering you on the pain front, and together we can come up with a plan of action and give some possible suggestions to make working out even easier for you.

4. Outdoor cardio

While cardio is not very effective at burning calories (you are looking at weight training for this), it has many other health benefits. It increases your lung capacity, can help joint health and makes your heart stronger and more efficient in pumping your blood around. It also increases the effect of your strength training, working together to get you better fitness and body shaping results. Studies show that performing cardio outdoors lowers the blood pressure and heart rate, which way you can push yourself further and increase your overall cardio time. Moreover it will level your melatonin levels improving your sleep, and it is a great way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D, which is so important for many functions in your body. Suggestions for outdoor cardio are: hiking, beach run/walk, canoeing or swimming. At fitin20 we created a hiking guide of the Sunshine Coast. We have categories for easy, intermediate, difficult and family/dog friendly tracks!

5. Routine

An important and very true saying in the fitness industry is: ‘’motivation gets you started, habit keeps you going!’’. Exercise consistency is key in maintaining results! Consistency in working out will bring far better results than period extreme fitness routines. Popular ‘’fitness 8 week challenges’’ usually give great results, but many report to not being able to keep up and being worse off half a year later than they started. Try to make your EMS training a habit, book in a weekly appointment and show up no matter how unmotivated you might feel for the day. You will feel so much better afterwards. At Fitin20 we try to have fun and a laugh, and mix up your routine each week to keep it interesting and avoiding a training plateau. We can split up your work out in strength and cardio for variety. And you can even request your own music to work out to (sorry, no Justin Bieber!).

6. Balanced nutrition

In any weight loss journey, but also in maintaining a healthy weight, continued exercise is key. However 70% of the work is in balanced nutrition. You can’t out exercise poor diet!
Sometimes changing just a few small diet habits every week, can make a huge difference in the long run for your weight. We offer nutrition consults at Fitin20 to have a closer look at your diet and make some friendly suggestions. We also have a nutrition booklet with scientific tips that might help you. When things get out of our scope we have an amazing dietitian to refer you to for further support.
Our suggested diet rules:
1. Don’t make it more complicated that it needs to be
2. Don’t diet, keep it balanced instead.
3. Follow the 80/20 rule; 80% healthy choices and 20% discretionary. We all need to cheat and enjoy healthy and some unhealthy food to keep up your diet for the long term.

Try to make it easy for yourself, and set yourself up for success. Combine these 6 factors, and give it a proper go for at least 2 months, and it will all come together for the long term with little effort. We are looking forward to make your fitness lifestyle easier, and supporting you every step of the way if you need or like us to.