Have you been inspired start a new fitness and health journey, but are you overwhelmed with choices? Or is what you’re doing now not sparking any joy?   

Starting something new is difficult. We all want to pick the best option to avoid wasting time and money. This doubt however can prevent you from forming habits that can help you build a happy and healthy lifestyle. Did you know that it just takes 21 days to form a new habit?

Our tips for forming new habits:
1. Stop postponing! There are 7 days in the week, and Tomorrow is not one of them!
2. Focus on the benefits (more energy, losing weight, living pain free), but remember the possible outcomes of quitting when times get hard.
3. Every new venture will bring ‘’the dip’’. Lean into your dip if you know and feel this new path, while difficult now, will bring success. Stick with it!
4. Make it easy for yourself to succeed: Meal prep the week, and dedicate time for your training. Book in a weekly reoccurring EMS appointment!

How EMS training can make your habit change much easier:
1. It is the smarter way of training! A weekly 20 minute workout will make you feel like you completed two hours of great training, while getting 5 hours’ worth of results!
2. It’s low joint impact and fixes back pain, allowing you to work out with an injury or pain free.
3. It raises the metabolism for 5 days, letting you enjoy a balanced diet, incl discretionary choices, while hitting goals at the same time.
4. EMS is scientifically proven by far the fastest fitness method in the world, taking any doubts away that it is just another FAD or that it will not work.

In short: embrace your drive to be better, and start today!