Based on EMS research done by Andre Filipovic and Dr Heinz Kleinoeder (2013)

Description of study
A sports University in Cologne had some scientist evaluate the use of EMS training in professional athlete performance and comparing it to conventional strength training. With EMS training being extremely time efficient (up to 6 hours of weighted work out for the whole body per session), the extra hours gained by athletes to apply the increased strength performance to their sport specific motions are very valuable. Scientists tested 22 professional German soccer players for a period of 14 weeks of EMS training.

Result Highlights
– Maximum strength increased by 30%
– Kicking speed increased on average by 16%
– Sprint performance increased by 20%
– Jumping distance increased on average by 10%

With many more studies done in different fields of sports (amongst others swimming), Filipovic and Kleinoeder’s EMS research confirmed that EMS training is an effective and time efficient alternative to conventional strength training. The athletes showed considerable improvements in their sport specific motions when compared to the conventional training group. This advance can be explained by the compact muscle that was gained with their EMS training in their testing period.