Description of study
During 6 weeks 134 volunteers with an average age of 42 years completed 2 EMS training sessions per week. After this period the results in various body parameters were compared with a control group.

Result highlights
– 82% noticed a relief in back pain, 30% of those were free of pain
– The maximum body strength of participants increased by 12%, and their endurance by 69%
– Body fat percentage decreased by 1.4%
– Female trainees lost 1.5 cm at the waistline and 1.1 cm at the hips
– Male trainees gained 1.5 cm in the upper arms and reduced their waistline by 1.1 cm
– 83% of participants noticed positive changes and had an increased feeling of wellness.

When compared to the control group doing regular exercise, EMS trainees showed better results in increase in body strength, desired body shape and treatment of back pain. The overall mood and wellness was scored higher than in conventional strength training. The study supports EMS training as extremely effective and efficient, which can benefit a broad range of target groups; from coach potatoes to professional athletes.

Study: VATTER, J, Universität Bayreuth, 2003; Publication AVM-Verlag München 2010.2003, a study by the University of Bayreuth (“Electrical Muscle Stimulation as a Whole-Body Workout – Multicentre Study on the Use of Whole-Body EMS Training in Studios”)