For 6 weeks now we had the pleasure of having you in for a weekly EMS training at Fitin20. What made you want to do EMS training and decide to try it?

As a Mom with two small children, finding time to focus on myself is always a juggle. I was mentally and physically struggling but desperate to make a change in my  shape and health, and was looking for faster results than I got with my weekly HITT training.
Having an appointment fixed in your diary and only 30 minutes out of your weekly schedule was perfect. I also really enjoyed the intense one on one training with the Personal Trainer, it really motivates you and I feel awesome afterwards. You don’t have to pre-think your own workout or find that extra motivation to push yourself to get those results which I love!

How was your first session and how can you describe the feeling?

I was a little nervous with my first session, not quite sure what to expect  but there was no pain at all and I enjoyed it. I actually really enjoyed the feeling, especially on my back! The feeling I can only describe as an intense massage in some ways but with a bit of of a kick. I was surprised that I even burnt up quite a sweat with such small movement, yet every muscle group felt like it had been worked. I left my first session energised and excited for my next !
Everything in the studio was well thought out from the minute you walk through the door. Fresh cold water ready for you at your training station, even a cup of coffee if you are needing pick me up. The studio has stressfree vibe without the pressures and business of a gym..way more personal.

And your second session? 

I worked muscle groups I had long forgotten about and wouldn’t know how to work with weights. I found muscle recovery way quicker with the second session though, and really enjoyed pushing myself harder as well as been challenged with exercises I have never done before.

You have finished 6 sessions now, how have you enjoyed your training so far?

I loved every session and I was amazed to see such speedy results and in areas of my body I usually struggle to tone. My training has given me more confidence and definitely more energy. I also experienced fewer headaches within the 6 weeks with less neck tension and back ache. Picking up my kids is remarkably easier now and also my cardio has improved considerably.
I didn’t make any major diet changes, just ate healthy and I am so stoked with my recent measurements after 5 weeks.

Do you have any advice for anyone curious about EMS or just starting EMS training at FITIN20?

If you are reading this you are already curious and wanting to make a change.  Try a session, you won’t regret it and you won’t be disappointed with the results.
As a mom to other Mom’s I highly recommend Fitin20. The opportunity to squeeze such an intense workout into a short time frame when time is limited. Such a win!

Chevonne, a new mom from Pelican Waters, Shares Her 6 Week Workout Experience at Fitin20 1 Chevonne, a new mom from Pelican Waters, Shares Her 6 Week Workout Experience at Fitin20 2