5 Easy Tips For a Balanced Diet by Fitin20 Caloundra

Struggling like so many to not only start a balanced diet, but more so to keep it up? At the Fitin20 studio we have found that 5 easy to follow tips and tricks can really help keeping you on the right path. Try to make nutrition not too complicated, and try to enjoy it and experiment often. Keep it easy and practical, and feel healthier and get better fitness results to boot!

The Effectiveness of EMS Training for (Chronic) Lower Back Pain

EMS is more commonly used for weight loss and body shaping as it’s a full body training program. However, it is very popular to treat injuries and back pain as well. Those scientifically proven to benefit from EMS include the elderly, people suffering from incontinence or weak pelvic floor, post- pregnancy, rehabilitation, professional sports, tradies and couch potatoes.