“We use the miha bodytec in our facility with both leisure and competitive athletes. We also use it for specific back problems. Using the EMS training alone or in conjunction with conventional training methods leads to new levels of endurance and performance. EMS training allows a stronger and more intensive contraction of muscles than purely arbitrary contractions, increasing potential in the area of speed, for example. Endurance, maximum strength, explosive strength, hypertrophy – we develop individual training procedures depending on the programme and intensity.”

Oliver Schmidtlein is a physiotherapist and rehab coach that has worked as the lead fitness and rehab coach for the Bayern Munchen soccer team since 2002. Currently he runs his own practice but still has a main advisory role for the German National Team. He is known for embracing modern technology. such as EMS training, to get the best results for fitness and rehab for his athletes. He also worked together with other athletes in different fields, like Boris Becker.