As weird as it sounds back pain, even the severe type, responds phenomenally to strength training.

By strengthening the muscles around the spine and mobilizing the movement in the back, the muscle groups are fighting the pain by supporting back injuries, straightening the spine, carrying day to day work load and preventing other injuries from happening.

If you suffer from chronic back pain, the best advice we can give you is to find a functional physiotherapist that will train with you, or to commence EMS training.
Many people who have struggled with either long term (lower) back pain or acute back pain (pulled muscles or back spasms), have reported fast and dramatic results using the EMS method.

Are you in need of immediate relief and need some tools to treat your pain at home?

Below are some back stretches that we often use during our EMS training.
The continuous contractions followed by relaxation during your session, in combination with a well-designed back exercise EMS program, allows for a combination of increased blood flow and strengthening, and relieves knots in the back muscles.

Get a head start on feeling more comfortable by practising the stretches below.

Do you need more help?
Visit the studio and we are more than happy to explain and show in person.