Lose body fat

Within 6 – 8 weeks, under guidance of a personal trainer, you will see and feel a change in your bodyshape. With the right diet your body fat will greatly reduce and your muscle strength and size increase. 

Pregnancy and birth will impact your joints and pelvic floor for a long time after bub has arrived. EMS is a great way to lighten the loads on your joints, strengthen your core and rehabilitate. And get your pre-baby body back!

EMS members that wanted to loose excess weight lost an average of 3.5 kg and 9% body fat as well as 6.5 cm at the waist and 2 cm on their upper arm circumference after just 13 weeks of training.

Reduce Cellulite

EMS technology does not only stimulate muscle growth, it also works on other soft tissues like fat cells and connective tissue. Cellulite is irregular fat deposits beneath the skin. Few methods have been found helpful to clear these dimples, but weekly workouts the cardio programme of EMS will reduce the contents of the fat cells and improve circulation. In combination with muscle toning, these effects will deliver a smoother more toned skin and a better body shape.

EMS will effectively reduce fat stores from the hips, waist and buttocks and firm up the muscles just under the orange skin , making EMS a brilliant ‘cellulite buster’.


Normal training doesn’t activate all of your muscle fibers, EMS reaches nearly 98% of them with far less strenuous and more joint friendly (isometric) exercises than a normal gym workout. Being slim or thin doesn’t necessarily mean you will have the silhouette you want. Together with your experienced personal trainer you can form a plan to attack and shape your areas of concern to your wishes. The results are a firmer, healthier body.

All you need to do is FIT IN 20 minutes of EMS once or twice a week!

We recommend between 10 to 20 EMS training sessions for the best results in weight loss, muscle toning and as cellulite treatment. You can do two sessions a week to speed up your results. Please allow 48 hours between sessions for your muscles to recover.


Research shows that at least 85% of people tested felt a dramatic improvement of their body shape and tone after their weekly 20 minute EMS training. 

How does
EMS Training Work?


The more lean muscle you build, the more calories your body will burn 24/7

In an EMS session you will be fitted with a vest and some straps that send low currents to your muscles. These impulses make your muscles contract much more efficiently than you can with normal exercises. There are 8 different muscle group that are targeted: arms, chest, upper and lower back, abs and legs. The muscles work harder, which makes them develop faster and better than with a conventional workout. 

Compared to conventional weight training, EMS training activates deeper muscle groups which lead to better balance, flexibility and increased core stability.
The once a week training lasts for 20 minutes but is researched to result in the equivalent of up to five hours of conventional exercises at the gym.
It is a high intensity training as you exercise 98% of the muscles; with conventional workouts, people can only engage up to 50% of the muscle groups. The training doesn’t hurt, and is best described as a tingly deep tissue massage.

You’ll always do your EMS training under the guidance of a Personal Trainer who can activate eight muscle groups individually (such as the lower back, stomach, biceps, and glutes) suited to your comfort and goals.