EMS Fitness Workouts

Our 20 minute workouts at Fitin20

At Fitin20 we offer different types of EMS sessions. Our most popular program is the strength workout which fits up to 5 1/2 hours of weight training in just 20 minutes, without the impact of using weights. With a weekly workout you can get fast results, however 40% of our client choose to come in twice a week to speed up their fitness and health results. The strength program works great to support and fix injuries (including back pain), shape your body and burn fat for up to 4 1/2 days after your workout.

Our Programs

Our metabolic/cardio program works great as a body shaper, fat burner, cellulite treatment and of course to raise your endurance and aerobic fitness level. Our relax/massage program, which we often use in addition to our remedial back workouts increases blood flow to injuries and promotes muscle recovery.

Our Workouts

All workouts are guided by an experienced EMS Personal Trainer. We can incorporate physiotherapy and exercise physiologist exercises in your workout to help speed up your recovery and fitness level. We make each workout different and build it up with each session to match your growing personal fitness and muscle strength level. We combine classic strength exercises with movements from crossfit, yoga, pilates classes and even boxing.

This way the muscles get challenged each week in a different way, which keeps the scale moving and keeps the workout motivating and interesting. Each 20 minute class is a full body workout, meaning all the major muscle groups get trained. We build lean muscle, strengthen your core, improve your balance & flexibility and treat your back pain and bursitis. Back pain relief is often noticed after the first session.



The GYM Solution For You

EMS is the perfect solution if you are bored with the gym, or just unable to work out 5 times a week due to lack of time or an injury. Many of our clients are shift workers, people with a weight loss goal, new moms, surgery prep and recovery, back pain patients, office professionals, some elite athletes and seniors that experienced age related muscle and balance loss.

Did you know we can tailor your workout around your fitness needs and health issues? We can even make it zero joint impact! We have even designed a seated full body workout on a chair for a client who broke her foot. She said her workout was just as intense and effective as standing up!