Cassie presented as a 30-year-old female and a mother of three. Her latest pregnancy included a few medical issues.
That coupled with a busy lifestyle, left Cassie struggling to find both the motivation and time to get fit and maintain the balanced diet she wanted for herself.

With her baby now three months old, she became very motivated to lose the excess weight she had gained over the past eight years and to strengthen her pelvic floor.


Cassie was previously held back by:
• Lack of motivation
• Severe lack of time
• Being a busy stay-at-home mother of three
• Constant pain from sciatica
• A diagnosed slipped disc in her lower back (which caused daily pain)


Having considered multiple fitness options Cassie selected EMS training. Her research showed her that it had been scientifically proven to be the fastest weight loss method, whilst also helping
with her sciatica and back pain. Being able to perform her workouts pain-free and in the least amount of time was imperative.


Personal Training: Ruled out as it didn’t fit her budget.
Pilates, yoga and boot camp: Didn’t offer her the results she was after with both her time limitations and injuries.


Scientific evidence has proven that most new mothers are left with weak pelvic floors and variable degrees of abdominal separation after childbirth. Back pain is the leading cause of chronic pain and the second most common reason to visit the doctor. An incredible 80 per cent of the population suffers from regular lower back pain episodes due to various reasons.
Strength training is the most effective solution for back pain, outperforming any other solution a healthcare provider can offer.


Statistics: 88 per cent of EMS users noticed significant back pain
reduction after six sessions: 50 per cent were pain-free after six sessions.After 12 sessions the average person will lose 9% body fat, 3.5 kg on the scales and
7 cm around their waist (over one dress size).


Cassie concluded an initial health and fitness consult at an EMS studio and was cleared to start weekly 20-minute EMS sessions. Additional information and support were given regarding diet, motivation and posture correction. Cassie managed to come in for a weekly session for eight weeks and lost 2 cm on each arm, 17 cm around her waist and 3 cm from each thigh, with a total loss of 3.5 kg body weight. Furthermore, her strength in her arms increased by 38% and in her legs (squat test) by 42%. She reported a dramatic relief in back pain, being pain-free for the entire week after session number four.

Matters Magazine, issue 90