A frequently asked question in the studio is:
How is EMS training different than TENS? And: Does it feel different?
While EMS training and its effect can really only be explained and understood by trying it out, here is our summary of some of the major similarities and differences.

What similarities are there?

Both techniques use electrode pads to deliver a certain impulse.
While TENS uses those pads locally, EMS can use electrodes on all major muscle groups + extra injury locations.

So how is it different?

TENS is designed to stimulate the nerves that are communicating a pain signal from an injury. The therapy blocks a pain path, but this only works temporarily. Results vary between people, but usually a 48 hour relief can be expected.
EMS training bypasses the nerves, and works directly on the muscle cells only. It does not reach the bones or the internal organs. It creates a deep muscle contraction, followed by an intense relaxation in the muscle which helps increase flexibility and relief of muscle spasms. A normal workout can only activate 30% of the muscles fibers of a muscle group, EMS increases that to 98%!
Both techniques use low intensity impulses, however TENS uses higher current pulses, while EMS uses frequencies between 1 and 100 MHz depending on the mode of activation of muscles (strength, cardio or massage program).
EMS has many included benefits like boosting of the metabolism, body shaping, strengthening of the pelvic floor, improving osteoporosis, weight loss and more!

What are the other benefits of EMS?

– It reverses muscle atrophy by building lean strong muscles.
– It trains muscles so they become symmetric. The muscles will function as a sling for injuries like slipped discs and weak knees. EMS is also popular for treating sciatica and straightening scoliosis.
– It increases blood flow in the muscles and the surrounding structures (bursa) which decreases inflammation effectively.
– The functional contractions are followed by intense relaxation of the muscle, making EMS extremely effective in treating back spasms. It sounds unbelievable that an acute back injury can be treated with a workout, but we have a great example of this from one of our members that left us a review recently:

Andrea Walker

‘’Fitin20 offers personalized fitness training using EMS German technology. Once suited up and plugged into the machine, low-frequency electrical impulses stimulate those muscles that are often ignored by conventional training methods. Therefore it’s not unusual to have some muscle soreness the next day but this passes quickly and improves over time with regular training.
I like that you can target particular parts of your body and Ruby and Thor (owners and trainers) are very receptive to working with you on goals. For me with some peripheral neuropathy in my feet it has been great to target my calves but also great to work my core and all other muscle groups. I also discovered recently you can still workout with a sore back, I had a muscle spasm for days and EMS released the spasm and improved my movement miraculously and without pain. I love that it only takes 20 mins to complete your workout. The results are amazing. Highly recommend!’’

Do you think we can help you solve your fitness problem?
Do you maybe have back pain, or weak knees?
Perhaps you just don’t like the gym, but enjoy a great workout, like us!
Maybe a lack of time is stopping you from breaking through your training plateau?

Give EMS training a go with our 3 trial pack of weekly sessions. Enough to really understand how it works and learn to love it.
Plus usually enough to start losing your first cm (or cm’s), or feel some pain relief in your back or injury!